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This book will fascinate you, thrill you, shock you, scare you, and possibly even anger you, but if you pray about it, keep an open mind to receive, and take heed to it, it will also prepare you for what is coming. God is calling a muster alert and raising up His Army. Watchmen are on the wall; herald's are declaring; the alarm is sounding!

Whether we want to recognize it or not, we are living in perilous times. God has graciously granted us a reprieve. The countdown is ongoing, but God has given us more time. We are to use this time to unify the church, warn the backslider and unbeliever, make disciples unto the Lord, and testify to the grace and mercy of the Father. We are witnessing Bible prophecy unfolding in our time. We do not have to be afraid because we know how the story ends.

Now, those who know must get in position, take a stand, and begin sounding the alarm!

Sounding the Alarm

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  • Book by Apostle Desiree Sconiers Andrews

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